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October 25, 2007


James T. Struck

The differences are to some extent arbitrary and unnecessary. Someone could see many books as a museum. Someone could see the communication in a library as a community center. I do not see the need to put a wall between the idea of a library and a museum and a community center. All those purposes and concepts are involved. Saying one can never talk and needs to shh is sometimes valid and sometimes not depending on the community needs at the time.

What I did want to say is I think blogs have a potential for conflict as do library labor and credit issues. What if a good idea is posted here; who gets credit for it? What if a good idea is found in a library database and used even with credit or citation?

There are rock bands playing whatever model is used. Music is here and some people hear the music irregardless of whether or not the band actually plays out loud.

I wrote also on this in a 2005 letter to the editor to several journals and library resources. Quietness in a library may have been contributed to by monastic communities role in libraries. Monks kept books, monks stayed quiet, hence quietness in libraries. Quietness is not necessary as part of a library possibly a relic of monastic control to some degree as well as a need to concentrate.

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